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News and Events...


This Weekend at Wesley-Knox 

•   Join us on Sunday, January 13, at 10:30 am for worship led by Rev Tracy Crick-Butler. Service bulletin is available here.

•   A special thanks to everyone that joined us at Wesley Knox this Advent season. We hope to continue to see you in the new year! 

•   The Advent-Christmas edition of the KSC (Kindred Spirit Connection) newsletter is now available. A limited number of printed copies have been set out at the at the back of the Sanctuary. It may also be read online here.

•   Thanks to all the church members who manned the Christmas kettles this season. The Salvation Army appreciates your time. 


Advent and Christmas Notes

SA Christmas Kettle•    The Salvation Army is particularly visible at this time of year. Did you know that Jack Addie and Joe Ludgate, who met at a worship service in the Wesley-Knox sanctuary back in 1882, organized the first Salvation Army corps in Canada? Jack and Joe are depicted in a stained glass window in the upper southwest corner of the sanctuary, preaching outside the original Covent Garden Market on King Street here in London. This window, the 1972 gift of the Salvation Army to Wesley-Knox, commemorated the 90th Anniversary of the Salvation Army in Canada.

Calling All Children Who Like to Sing!

The Wesley-Knox Children’s Community Choir program has started. Come out for a year of choir fun! Great songs, choir friends and gym! Rehearsals are on Thursdays. Primary Choir - Grades 1-3, 5-6 pm, Mallory Brennan, Director. Junior Boys’ Choir - Grades 4-7/8, 4:45-5:30 pm, Junior Girls’ Choir - Grades 4-7/8, 5:15-6 pm, Mysterium - Grades 8/9-university, 6-7 pm, Karen Schuessler, Director Let Karen, Mallory or Mary Bee Haworth know you’ll be coming, or just show up! Parents can register with Mary Bee during their children’s rehearsal time. See you there!

Learning Opportunities

Challenge of Paul Study Series

OChallenge of Paul Study Groupur video-based Spring Study Series with John Doiminic Crossan, The Challenge of Paul, went well with 28 people involved and an average of 21 people attending each session. What have participants in our group learned so far?
    1) If you want to understand Paul, you need to put his words into 1st-century context.
    2) Paul was not anti-Semitic. He was a proud Jew. Paul was homophobic, but so was everyone else in his day—and he was wrong. Paul was anti-slavery, at least to the extent that he believed Christians should not own slaves. Paul believed in equality—especially when it came to celebrating communion.
    3) Not everything commonly attributed to Paul was actually written by Paul. His authentic letters include Romans, Galatians, 1 and 2 Corinthians, 1 Thessalonians, Phillipians and Philemon. Later letters, written in Paul’s name, often softened his radical views to make them more acceptable to prevailing culture.
    4) Acts is actually an extension of Luke and was written well after Paul was executed. It is the story of how Paul and the early Christian movement moved from Jerusalem to Rome where the future of Christianity would be.
    5) Jesus taught in the countryside. Paul headed for cities. His first converts were likely “God-worshipers”—gentiles who supported a synagogue but were not Jews.
    6) There’s lots more to learn. Why not join the group, 3 pm on Sunday afternoons, when it resumes in the New Year? You will receive a warm welcome!

Notes from All Over

•   Friday Movie Nights are a great way to unwind after a busy week and spend some time with new friends and old. Free popcorn and beverages during the movie, decaf and dessert afterwards. Look for a new schedule soon.

•  Karen and Owen setting the stops at St. James Cathedral, TorontoCongratulations to Kennedy Kimber-Johnson and Own Spicer! Both recently played noonhour organ recitals at St. James (Anglican) Cathedral in Toronto. Wesley-Knox music people are making a mark far beyond the walls of our church! Something to be proud of...

•   Wesley-Knox is proud to be the home venue of the 50-voice  Karen Schuessler Singers, this year celebrating 26th years of great music. Earlier this year, KSS launched a totally new website. Please take a few moments to check it out here!

Photographers’ Picks and Videofiles...

Have you taken photos of Wesley-Knox events? Send your photos to our photomaster This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so we can use them on our website pages, in the Kindred Spirit Connection, and for the annual Wesley-Knox Pictorial Review. We prefer “large-size” photos that offer sufficient detail for printing and projection and allow us to offer “Click on the image for a large-size version of the photo!”

Missa Gaia/Earth Mass at Wesley-Knox. Click on photo for a full-size image.•   On Saturday, April 21, over 450 attnded the Karen Schuessler Singers performance of Missa Gaia/Earth Mass with Denise Pelley, Paul Grambo, the Wesley-Knox organ, Steve Holowitz and band, and a total of 91 singers from KSS, the Wesley-Knox Senior Choir, the Wesley-Knox Mysterium youth choir, and New Celebration Dancers. This was a special benefit concert to thank Wesley-Knox for providing KSS with rehearsal and performance space for the over 25 years. It raised nearly $6000 for Wesley-Knox. Missa Gaia/Earth Mass has become KSS’s signature work. Besides in London, the choir has performed Missa Gaia/Earth Mass in Detroit (Christ Church Episcopal, three times), and in St. Thomas, Woodstock, Fergus (Hamilton Conference UCC weekend) and Hamilton. On Sunday, May 6, the choir performed it again at Knox Presbyterian Church in Kincardine. That was its 21st performance! (Saharsh Cherian/Pixelesque Photography photo)

More photos of these events and other recent events on the Wesley-Knox Facebook page here.

Throughout the year, at almost every Wesley-Knox event, you’ll find Brian Dalton, Brian Mackinnon, John McFall and sometimes others taking photos. Often, within minutes, they are posted to the Wesley-Knox Facebook page. The photos are also archived on Flickr and, once a year, John McFall dives into this vast archive to produce a comprehensive and much-appreciated pictorial review for the Annual General Meeting. Here is John’s 2017 Pictorial Review, music is by our Wesley-Knox choirs. To view, click on the image below. You will be taken to a YouTube site. Choose full screen, turn up the sound and enjoy!

W-K 2017 Pictorial Review







John’s 2015 and 2016 Pictorial Reviews are also available on YouTube. For 2015, please click here. For 2016, click here. Also, find more videos on the Wesley-Knox Videos page here.