Family Camp Survey

After 3 years we are planning to run Family Camp this June at Pearce Williams. The Planning Team is working hard to prepare for a fun weekend and wanted to share some information as well as get some feedback from you about Family Camp this year.

We plan to rent Pearce Williams Centre, however we would be using East Camp, which is a little smaller site and has four 12 bed dorms to sleeping. Tents and trailers are welcome for use on site. There are cover wagons that could be used that sleep 4.

The anticipated cost for registration would be $70 per person for the whole weekend (Friday to Sunday) or $40 for Saturday (day visit, or overnight).

In our planning, we would like to hear back from you. Please respond to the survey questions below.

  1. Are you and your family interested in attending Family Camp (June 16-18)?
  2. Would you be staying Friday to Sunday; Saturday to Sunday; or just during the day Saturday?
  3. Would you and your family be comfortable sharing a cabin (two families in one room)?
  4. Would you plan to stay in a tent for the weekend?
  5. Would you be comfortable in a cover wagon?
  6. Would the cost of Family Camp — $70 per person for the weekend; $40 for Saturday — prevent you from attending Camp?

Please contact Dan with your answers!