Welcome to Week 4 of our Summer At-Home Activities!

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A few quick updates about what is happening in the realm of children and family ministry over the next few months.
  • Dan Leaver, our new Director of Child, Youth and Family Ministries, is getting ready to start on September 1st! Look for announcements coming soon about when and how we will be introducing him to all of you. In the meantime, you can read all about Dan here.
  • Our photo scavenger hunt is still ongoing until August 31! This is a great chance to get outdoors to complete some fun photo challenges with new challenges being published twice a week. For instructions on how to join click here!
  • We have cancelled our virtual camps planned for August due to low interest. Many of these activities and sessions will be incorporated into our summer and fall programming.
  • Update from the Reopening Committee: The Reopening Committee has begun meeting weekly to prepare for how to reopen Wesley-Knox in a safe manner. This committee, with support and direction from Leadership Council, will be developing a staged plan for a gradual reopening of Wesley-Knox. This reopening plan will include children and youth activities, more information coming soon!
  • If you are in need of pastoral care or support at any time, please contact the church office by phone or email. While the building is still closed, our staff and committees are still working remotely and are able to provide pastoral care and support.

Song: “Face to Face”



Video: “Mysteries of the Bible: God’s Names”

Did you know that in the Bible God is referred to my many names including “Abba”, “Ehyah Asher Ehyeh”, “Immanuel” and more! Each name tells us a little bit more about God and about the role he played in some of our most well-known Bible stories.

Discussion: “The Story of Your Name”

What does your name say about you? What other words could you use to describe yourself? How would other people describe you?


Summer Scavenger Hunt

A reminder that it’s not too late to join in our photo scavenger hunt! New missions are released twice a week giving you lots of opportunity to get outside, complete challenges and have a chance to earn some prizes at the end of the summer! This video was produced for Sunday worship on August 2 and shows some of the completed challenges.