Governance and Committees

The Wesley-Knox Constitution (2019) can be found here. This document outlines the Constitution for Wesley-Knox United Church, a Community of Faith within the United Church of Canada.

The Wesley-Knox Congregation is governed by the Leadership Council supported by the Board of Trustees and a structure of Standing Committees.

COMMITTEE REPORTS can be viewed on our members-only page here. If you require the password, please email

Leadership Council

Chair: John McFall

The Leadership Council

  • · Sets vision, direction and priorities by identifying action areas and recommending financial and other resources to support them
  • Empowers mission teams by providing overall directions and boundaries for action while freeing teams to manage their mission as they see fit.
  • Discerns mission, forms policy, develops strategies, deploys leaders, and monitors progress.


Standing Committees

Spiritual Life

Acting Chair: Mike Beck

Mandate: To plan, co-ordinate, evaluate all worship events in order that the worship experience is
welcoming, loving, spiritual, and Godly.

Ministry and Personnel

Chair: Cathie Banks

Mandate: To build positive, trusting relationships with ministry personnel and other paid leaders in the church.
The committee is a confidential, consultative body of people that supports the pastoral relationship
through its supervisory functions.

Faith Formation

Chair: David Knoppert

To provide Wesley-Knox and the extended community the opportunity for spiritual growth and development as all ages seek to deepen their faith.

Resources and Renewal

Chair: Ron Olson

To provide strategic and operational oversight of the physical and monetary assets and resources of Wesley-Knox.
To support the church Treasurer.
To facilitate the work being done by Standing and Ad Hoc committees by determining the “how” and “is it possible” for the recommendations coming forth from these committees.
To keep communications on financial matters up-to date and timely.

Reaching Out

Chair: Margo Bettger-Hahn

The focus of our committee is to “reach out to God’s world” by communicating the work of our Church to the congregation and the broader community and by showing leadership in relation to outreach activities.

United Church Women

Chair: Ann Stokes or visit

As United Church Women—Christian women of faith—we believe in nurturing spirituality by reaching out with devotion and commitment to all of God’s people; in promoting truth, justice, peace, caring, and sharing with respect for all in the community and wider world; in loving God and others by living generously and giving joyfully; and in affirming and strengthening ourselves creatively in study and witness through music, laughter, and solitude.


Community Life

Acting Chair: Alex Walker

To grow, nurture and inspire the Wesley-Knox community in ways that transform lives through relationships with God and one another.


Board of Trustees

Chair: Marilynne McNeil

The Board of Trustees is responsible for the appropriate administration of property held in trust on behalf of the United Church of Canada as well as that held/required for specific use by the Congregation of Wesley-Knox United Church.


Ad-Hoc Committees

Inclusivity and Affirm Discernment

Chair: Mallory Brennan

Our Mandate:

  1. To promote and champion inclusivity of and with marginalized people including indigenous peoples,
    ethnic and racial minorities, refugees, differently abled persons, socio-economically disadvantaged
    groups, LGBTQIA2S and any other vulnerable populations.
  2. To increase awareness within the Wesley Knox congregation and beyond, through education and
    communication, of issues pertaining to inclusivity.
  3. To support the Wesley Knox congregation in more broadly cultivating community with all people.
  4. To initiate the discussion and discernment involved in the Affirming Ministries program in
    partnership with Affirm United