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Wesley-Knox is a welcoming, caring and spirit-led church. About one half of our members come from Old South London, the rest from all over the city of London and beyond. We are not a church that has all the answers. Some of us are settled in our faith, others are seekers. But wherever we are on our faith journeys, we respect one another as we come together to proclaim and celebrate the love of God through worship and through service.

The Brian McLaren Lecture Series: Wisdom and Courage for a World Falling Apart

As more of us face the realities of climate change and related ecological crises, and as we grapple with increasing political and social instability around the world, many of us feel overwhelmed and unsure about how to respond. In these  lectures,  based on a his new book, Life after Doom: Wisdom and Courage for a World Falling Apart, Brian will  explore the deep causes behind our current challenges and four possible scenarios for the future. He will  also consider how individuals and faith communities can build wisdom and courage for a world caught in a multi-faceted matrix of trouble.

Brian will deliver a lecture at the University of Guelph in the evening of  Friday May 10 in Guelph. On Saturday May 11 he will deliver three lectures at Wesley-Knox United Church in London during the morning and afternoon.

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