Adult Programs

The focus here is on theology, social justice issues, environmental issues and interfaith dialogue. Much of what has been offered in recent years has been related to the emerging or progressive Christianity.

Previous  Programs

Living Religion Lecture Series (November 2019)

This was a three-Sunday, six-hour course offered by Huron University College! This course explored history, development, scriptures, teachings, and practices of Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and six more of the world’s major religions. 



Finding I Am Bible Study (January-March 2019)

This was a 6-session bible study by best-selling author Lysa TerKeurst. Participants were encouraged to…
•    find freedom in difficult circumstances by learning how to shift from “slave mentality” to “set free mentality”,
•    discover how Jesus is the key to satisfaction by learning the crucial significance behind each of his “I am” statements.
•    trade feelings of emptiness for the fullness of knowing who Jesus is, and
•    grow in biblical literacy by exploring the Gospel of John.

DVD-based programs

These run from three to twelve weeks. Participants meet, view a DVD segment, break for coffee, and then regroup to discuss. Programs are often supplemented by printed materials chosen to promote further discussion. DVD-based programs offered at Wesley-Knox in recent years include

Living the Questions
Saving Jesus
From Jesus to Christ (PBS series)
First Light: Jesus and the Kingdom of God
Embracing an Adult Faith
Animate Bible Study

Wesley-Knox hopes to offer a DVD-based program Sunday afternoons starting in October. Look for announcements in the Sunday service bulletins.

Speakers and Speakers Series

Marcus BorgIn the last four years, Wesley-Knox has offered two weekends featuring major speakers.

2009 – Marcus Borg: Reimaging the Christian Faith. Over 400 from all over Southwestern Ontario and beyond came to Wesley-Knox to hear this internationally known theologian and best-selling author. Notes for his four lectures are available here.

2011 – Bruce Sanguin: Darwin, Divinity and the Dance of the Cosmos: An Ecological Christianity.

In each of the years between, Wesley Knox offered a four-lecture speakers’ series.

Bruce Sanguin2010 – Muslim activists Raheel and Sohail Razaon Islam, Jesus scholar David Galston on the Historical Jesus, Spiritual Director Bruce Tallman on Stages of Spiritual Growth, and Rev. Felicia Urbanski on the Unitarian faith

2012 – Reform Rabbi Debra Dressler on Judaism, Very Rev. Kevin Dixon of St. Paul’s Cathedral on the Occupy Movement, Aubrey Harris of Amnesty International on Abolishing the Death Penalty, and Raheel Raza on Arab Spring, Sharia law and honour killing.

Marcus Borg was to have returned to Wesley-Knox in October 2014 to present a series of lecture on Speaking Christian. Unfortunately, health problems set in and he passed away on January 21, 2015.