Wesley-Knox engages in many forms of outreach. Our outreach programs include:

    • Food drives for the London Food Bank
    • Community Garden Program (Still a work in progress but slowly growing!)
    • Community Breakfast Program (2nd Saturday of every month September-June)
    • Out of the Cold Dinner Program (4th Sunday of every month)
    • Electronic Recycling days
    • Children and Youth Community Choir Program
    • Supporting the work of Canadian Aid for Southern Sudan (CASS). See below
    • Sponsoring a Syrian Family to come to Canada. See below
    • Loonies for Lent
    • Mission and Service Fund of the United Church of Canada
    • Youth Group Outreach
    • Selected other charities including Mission and Services of London, My Sister’s Place, London Food Bank, London Community Chaplaincy and East London Community Outreach (ELUCO)
Community Breakfast Team, January 2019

Canadian Aid for Southern Sudan (CASS)

Wesley-Knox supports the work of Canadian Aid for Southern Sudan (CASS). Glen Pearson and Jane Roy, co-founders of CASS, are members of Wesley-Knox. They have helped educate both the congregation and others across Canada about the plight of the South Sudanese people. Among CASS’s successes: helping to eliminate slavery and use of child soldiers, assisting victims of land mines, digging wells, helping to establish goat herds and small businesses, and building a school. Wesley-Knox has supported CASS for many years by providing a venue for its fundraising concerts and by fundraising within the congregation. Several members of our congregation have also gone on their annual mission trip to South Sudan. For more information about the important work of CASS, visit their website here.







Syrian Family

Many of you will know that six Wesley-Knox  members, working together, successfully sponsored a family from Syria. Much time has passed, many skills have been learned, many steps in the settlement process have been completed and support is ongoing. Since the Shalash family’s arrival to London, Ontario, in October 2016 much progress has been made thanks to the diligent efforts from each member of this amazing family from Syria. Nawal, our amazing mom is now enrolled in the Developmental Service Worker program at Fanshawe College. She was expecting her second child in August 2019. Samer, our very supportive and hard-working dad is working part-time at Kumon and he is finishing his placement in the ESL program at Wheable. Mimi, our lovely little girl who you see on Sunday mornings with the other children in the Sunday School Program will start school in September 2019.
          Our family continues to make adjustments as they gently settle into “real life” in Canada and become active participants in all aspects of Canadian life including the community life of Wesley-Knox Church. Each of them, as  individuals, walk in faith trusting in God. Each day is a new day for them and each challenge or joy is faced with dignity and an open mind. As a faith community we continue to love, support and encourage Nawal, Samer and Mimi in their life journey together.