The Children’s and Youth Community Choirs of Wesley-Knox offer choral experience and vocal instruction to children and young people from grades 1 through 12 and beyond. An emphasis for all the choirs is placed on selecting high-quality spiritual and secular music that is welcoming and inclusive. The program is comprised of three main ensembles.

Primary Choir, grades 1-3, offers a lively, interactive music program that teaches children the basic elements of music through games, movement, rhythm instruments, and singing! 

The Junior Boys and the Junior Girls choirs, grades 4-8 (the Junior Choir, collectively), further develop choral performance skills and vocal techniques and add the ability to sing in parts. The members of the Mysterium youth choir, grades 9-12 and beyond, learn to read choral music, sing in four parts, and perform challenging and exciting music.

At Wesley-Knox, we feel these experiences lay the foundation for future music learning and a lifelong love of music. Children and young people learn the skills to perform beautifully in a choir. The choirs sing in church and in the wider community. Singing several Sundays each season allows them to become an integral part of worship and to develop confidence and performance skills. As well, Mysterium often sings in a variety of venues in the city.

There is no audition and there is no requirement for the children or their parents to be associated with Wesley-Knox. It is our desire that every child learns how to sing beautifully and with confidence, so fees are kept to a minimum. To help the people of Wesley-Knox with the cost of maintaining this high quality and integrated program, we ask choir parents to donate, as they are able, $90, $70 or $50 per child per year. All donations are tax-deductible. If finances are a barrier to participation, please let us know.

For additional information or to enrol a child or young person in the program, please contact our point person, Mary Bee Haworth, by telephone at 226.237.4337 (text preferred) or by e-mail at

Primary Choir

  • For children in Grade 1–3
  • Rehearses every Thursday at 5-6 pm
  • Performs four or five times each year
  • Directed by Mallory Brennan, email at

Junior Choir

  • For girls and boys in Grades 4-8
  • Boys rehearse 4:45-5:30 every Thursday
  • Girls rehearse 5:15-6:00 every Thursday
  • Performs five to eight times each year
  • Directed by Karen Schuessler, 519.673.4803 x 202, e-mail at


  • For enthusiastic, music-loving teens in Grades 9-12+
  • Rehearses every Thursday at 6-7 pm
  • Performs five to eight times each year, various venues
  • Directed by Karen Schuessler, 519.673.4803 x 202, e-mail at

Staff and Volunteers

Karen Schuessler, Music Director

Mallory Brennan, Primary Choir Director

Mary Bee Haworth

Maggie Logan


Registration can be completed online or in-person during rehearsal times.

Registration Fees: We do not charge a fee to belong to the choir, but, to keep the program running, we encourage a suggested donation level of your choice ($90 – $70 – $50) for which you will receive a tax receipt. This can be paid by cash, cheque or e-transfer and more details will be provided when you register either online or in-person. If finances are a barrier to participation, please let us know.