Who We Are.

Wesley-Knox is located in Wortley Village, in the heart of Old South London. Wesley-Knox is a uniting as well as a United church. Founded in 1874, the present building was erected in 1881 and enlarged in 1908. At that time, it was known as Askin Street Methodist Church. With the formation of the United Church of Canada in 1925, it was renamed Wesley United Church. In 1972, it amalgamated with Knox United Church, and in 2006, with Centennial United Church.

Moving in the Spirit...

Wesley-Knox is a welcoming, caring and spirit-led church. About one half of our members come from Old South London, the rest from all over the city of London and beyond. We are not a church that has all the answers. Some of us are settled in our faith, others are seekers. But wherever we are on our faith journeys, we respect one another as we come together to proclaim and celebrate the love of God through worship and through service.

Our Mission...

Transforming lives through our relationships with God and with one another.

Our Vision...

Wesley-Knox — a vibrant Christian community striving to live gratefully, deepen faith and reach out in God’s world.

We believe in:

Being an open, welcoming church that embraces diversity
Being a church with a strong commitment to mission and outreach
Being a church where participation is encouraged and made easy
Being a teaching church that for all ages, feeds the mind and spirit

These four statements guide all of our endeavours.