Bulletins and Reports

Sunday Service Bulletins

Each Friday we post the upcoming bulletin on the home page.

Wesley-Knox Reports

2018 Annual Report

The Wesley-Knox 2018 Annual Report (Revised, Final) with budget information for 2019 is available here.

Earlier Annual Reports

The Wesley-Knox 2017 Annual Report is available here.

The Wesley-Knox 2016 Annual Report is available here.

The Wesley-Knox 2015 Annual Report is available here.

2015 Mission and Service Committee’s Faith in Action Report

This proposal was approved by the Wesley-Knox Official Board at its 2015 May 20 meeting. When implemented, it should bring all Wesley-Knox outreach activities under one banner. Read the Report here.

2015 Structural Engineers Report

The 2015 February Gray and Fick Engineers Report on the structural condition of the Wesley-Knox United Church building is available here.

JNAC Report

The 2012 Wesley-Knox Joint Needs Assessment Committee Report prepared prior to posting a ministerial vacancy (now filled) is available here.