A Wesley-Knox Photo Album

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In December 2015 Wesley-Knox was a very busy church. This album of photographs is a collection illustrating all the activities and services.

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This year at Wesley-Knox, Advent was particularly busy. In addition to the annual Christmas concert and Sunday School pageant (photos albums below), Wesley-Knox UCW hosted a Community Friendship Tea featuring a special visit from Santa, the Wesley-Knox Primary Choir sang for residents of Grandwood Retirement Home, the team from Grace United Church, Sarnia, hosted a Swell Youth Service, and a total of well over 600 attended our two Christmas Eve services.—John McFall, Grace United Church, HJM and choir parent photos

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On Sunday, 2012 December 16, the Wesley-Knox Sunday School presented the pageant “Move Me Closer”. In this folder, photos from the Saturday pageant rehearsal and Christmas Party by Dez Sargeant, and photos from the pageant itself by Brian Dalton and John McFall.

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Once again, close to 600 Londoners moved into the Christmas Spirit at the 2012 Annual Wesley-Knox Christmas Concert featuring vocalist Denise Pelley, the senior and junior choirs, Steve Holowitz on piano, the organ and the band. Traditional and gospel songs, audience carols and the concert’s famous interactive Twelve Days of Christmas—it was a great evening of music!—Brian Dalton photos

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On Sunday, 2012 November 23, at a special Covenanting Service, Rev. Tracy Crick-Butler was officially installed as new minister of Wesley-Knox United Church. The service featured music by the choir and a brass quartet, and the presentation of symbols of the faith. Welcome, Tracy!, and congratulations! We know yours will be a great ministry!—Brian Dalton photos

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2012 November 3–4 was an amazing weekend! First the UCW’s Harvest to Holiday Festival, then the Mysterium Youth Choir exchange with the youth choir from Richmond Hill, and finally the 2012 Concert for Sudan with Denise Pelley, Saidat, Mountsfield Primary Choir and choirs from Medway, Lucas and Banting Secondary schools!—Photos by Brian Dalton and other W-K members

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On 2012 October 20-21, the entire congregation at Richmond Hill United Church north of Toronto pitched in to welcome our Wesley-Knox Mysterium Youth Choir, their parents and their leaders, at an amazing weekend of fun, food, fellowship, music and worship. On the weekend of November 3-4, it will be our turn as we welcome the Richmond Hill United Church Youth Choir to Wesley-Knox!

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Lots of Hallowe’en at Wesley-Knox! First the Wortley Village Costume Exchange, then Family Movie Night with a Hallowe’en theme, and later, the Hallowe’en in the Village parade.—photos by various W-K members

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 On Thanksgiving Sunday, 2012 October 7, we welcomed our new minister, Rev. Tracy Crick-Butler. Lots of music with choir, organ, brass and timpani, and lots of good wishes and joy!—John McFall photos

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On 2012 September 30, Rev. David McKane presided over his last service as Presbytery Appointed Interim Minister at  Wesley-Knox.—Brian Dalton and John McFall photos

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Wesley-Knox youth and their friends at Camp Kee-Mo-Kee west of London, 2012 September 22–23.—Jane and Alex Walker photos

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Over $4000 was raised through at the silent auction at the Saturday, 2012 September 22 Evening for Sudan. The money was used to cover certain travel costs and purchase some of the equipment and supplies that will be going to South Sudan in January 2013 with Glen Pearson, Jane Roy, eleven other people from Wesley-Knox, and other CASS (Canadian Aid for Southern Sudan) volunteers.—Tony Haworth photos

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The Wesley-Knox Junior Choir at the opening ceremonies of the National Conference of Canadian Paediatric Society, London, Ontario, 2013 June 6–8.—CPA photos

On Sunday, 2012 September 30, the Wesley-Knox Junior Choir was up bright and early and on stage at Victoria Park to sing O Canada at the opening ceremonies of Run for the Cure.
Watch and listen below!—HJM video




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