Welcome! Whether you are a member of Wesley-Knox or someone visiting us for the first time, welcome! We are thrilled to have you joining us this summer. We are offering a weekly at-home program this summer, open to anyone regardless of church membership or faith background.

[Note: The Wesley-Knox building remains closed to COVID-19. All programming will be online/at-home]

Weekly Activity Pages:

  • August 23 click here
  • August 16 click here
  • August 9 click here
  • August 2 click here
  • July 26 click here
  • July 19 click here
  • July 12 click here
  • Previous activity pages from the Spring can be found here.

Summer Scavenger Hunt!

We have set up a summer scavenger hunt through the App GooseChase. Twice a  week, there will be new challenges issued and a chance to win some fabulous prizes at the end of the summer!

Instructions on how to set up GooseChase for Wesley-Knox can be downloaded here or you can view a video with instructions here.

The video below (from the August 2 worship) shows all the challenges completed in July… Look for another one soon showing the challenges completed in August!