Virtual Prayer Group

We had our first virtual prayer group meeting on Wednesday using Zoom. We had four people join us on zoom and two people join us by telephone. We took turns to share our prayers and to pray together.

Our prayers included:

  • Thank you for family members who have traveled back to Canada safely. A prayer for their continued safety as they self-quarantine. Prayers for family members still overseas
  • A thank you for technology such as zoom that allows us to stay connected
  • THANK YOU to people who are still working to keep us safe and prayers for their continued safety

Our next Prayer Meeting will be on Thursday April 2. All are welcome to join us, for details on how to join see our event page here. We also invite you to share your prayers below as a comment and we will make sure to include them in our prayers.

One Reply to “Virtual Prayer Group”

  1. From Linda Imrie: Prayer of Light

    Greatest giver of light, provider of warmth,
    Allow us to be fully aware of Your healing embrace.
    Your loving presence is as sure as the rising of the sun
    And the gentle setting of the sun.

    At the rising of the sun,
    May we, as broken people,
    Fill the hours with purpose.

    At the setting of the sun,
    Where today’s light and tomorrow’s light join,
    May we feel inner peace as our minds enter an unfamiliar place.

    Keep us confident even in the darkest hours,
    In that unknown place,
    That all of our thoughts and concerns
    Are known to You.

    Help us to trust,
    That you understand our frailties,
    That You do not leave us alone.
    Perhaps we need to be in solitude for awhile,
    But never alone and never without You.

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