This article is intended to help find where things are saved on the website – in particular, how the Media Manager presents the website. All folder names are bolded.


The top or root level of the website is the folder public_html. Thus, when you connect using Classic FTP, and have it configured to use “/” as the default directory, you don’t see the public_html folder since this folder is the  “root” of the website.  

If you right-click on an image on the website when viewing through a browser, and click on “view image info” then you see the location something like:…. 

This illustrates how the public_html folder is identified with

Under the root the first level of folders is:

  • /administrator
  • /cache
  • /components
  • /images

This is the folder we care most about. It contains

    • /images/M_images
    • /images/audio
      • sermons are here
    • /images/banners
    • /images/images
      • only thing in here is GaryPaterson.jpg – assume this is not referenced 
    • /images/phocadownload
      • only thing in here is index.html
    • /images/smilies
      • gif files for various faces as expected.
    • /images/stories

Important folders in here:

        • /images/stories/LightboxImageGallery
          • folders for each photo album
          • /images/stories/LightboxImageGallery/CampWeekend_2012
        • /images/stories/W360
          • folders and files related to the 360 degree view of Wesley-Knox
        • /images/stories/collage
          • composite images used with banners on pages
        • /images/stories/home_images
          • image files used with the photographers’ pick
        • /images/stories/ksc
          • only one pdf in here from March 2012 … looks like this folder isn’t used.
        • /images/stories/lightbox
          • obsolete as we changed over to LightboxImageGallery
    • /images/video
      • videos are here

 Tremendous number of images and pdf files in here (/images). I can see KSC documents, home page images, staff photos

  • /incude
  • /jsc
  • /language
  • /libraries
  • /lionel
  • /logs
  • /media

This is the tricky  one.  DON’T PUT ANY FILES UNDER HERE USING FTP.

When you bring up Media Manager, the name “media” is mapped to “/images” (first level folder) so what one sees are the M_images, audio, banners, … and stories folders.

When you look at media using FTP you will see folders:

    • audio
    • jce
    • system
    • video

If you put files under audio, say, then when you go to look at them using Media Manager – they don’t show up because “media” has been remapped by Joomal to /images.

  • /phocadownload

phocadownload is used for the Senior Choir page to allow them to download audio tracks

    • /phocadownload/userupload
      • folder for audio for Senior choir
      • /phocadownload/userupload/SenioChoir

Folder contains audio files (mp3) for choir

  • /plugins
  • /temp_joomla
  • /templates
  • /tmp

There are some files at the  first level including