Throughout the year, at almost every Wesley-Knox event, you’ll find Brian Dalton, John McFall and others taking photos. Often, sometimes within minutes, they are posted to a Wesley-Knox Facebook page. Photos are also archived on the Flickr website and, once each year, John McFall dives into this archive to produce a comprehensive and much-appreciated pictorial review for the Annual General Meeting. Here is John’s 2015 offering. Music is by our Wesley-Knox choirs. To view, click on the image below. You will be taken to a YouTube site. Choose full screen, turn up the sound and enjoy!

Click to view John McFall’s 2015 Pictorial Review

In 2014, at our annual Earth Sunday service, Glen Pearson invited anyone who might be interested to join him and Jane Roy for tree and shrub planting at Watson Park, Wellington Road near the Thames River. That afternoon, some 20 Wesley-Knox young people—and a few of riper years—arrived to help Million Tree Challenge and the Upper Thames Valley Conservation Authority by planting over 70 trees and shrubs. In the days that followed, Glen and Jane created this excellent video that now appears on YouTube,

Tree Planting at Watson Park

“And they will spring up
among the grass, like poplars among streams of water.”—Isaiah 44:4

Glen and Jane also created this excellent video of Wesley-Knox at the 2014 Gathering on the Green. Wesley-Knox will have two booths at the Gathering this year, one offering a craft in the children’s area, the other offering items brought back from Africa, in support of CASS, Canadian Aid for Southern Sudan.

At the 2014 Gathering on the Green

Coros navidad! This is an unofficial video of our 7-pm 2015 Christmas Eve Service which we discovered on YouTube. We’re not sure who recorded it (we think it may have been a choir parent), but we’re glad they did. We just wish we had their names so we could give them credit…

Christmas Eve 7 pm at Wesley-Knox

Also of interest, the video created to introduce the Building our Future Growth Campaign here, and numerous choir videos on the Wesley-Knox Choirs YouTube Channel here.